Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tuesday favourites

Happy Tuesday!

Fave beauty product - The body shop strawberry shower gel

 Fave album - Same trailer different park

Fave artist - Gabrielle Aplin

Fave fashion item - Taylor swift awards dress

None beauty favourite(!) - Starbucks mango iced juice 

by Evie 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My week of favourites

This is where every week, i create a blog post every about what i have seen through the week. It varies from beauty, fashion and nails, to interesting books, films, or even objects around the house. It can be anything.

1. This book. We are reading this book in my English class at the moment, and honestly, i have never got so 'in to' a book as much (apart from Harry Potter.) It is such a moving story, about two people, who cannot be together, drawn away by their families hatred, but realise they really can't be apart. I really recommend this book to teenagers, as you may notice some similarities between the characters and yourselves. 

2. These nails. I think they are so cute! i was even tempted to use this idea for halloween, but who could be scared of these sweet things?!!!

3. This song. This is called 'Come back...be here' by Taylor Swift (i love her by the way, jus' letting you know.) I love this song, because i feel it relates so much to Remembrance day, which wasn't long ago.

4. This film. There are no words to describe how excited i am.

5. These chocolate cheesecake eggs. How adorable?! 

6. This guitar. So. Much. Love. 

Love Evie x

Sunday, 11 November 2012

A fresh start...

Hi. So this is my second blog, that i am intending to use for inspiration/my favourite things/interests type of posts. My other blog (lottielooneytunes) is more a blog for what i'm getting up to. 
So, I'm going to get started!