My new song for my Mums birthday (the 18th Feb)... shh, don't say anything, its a surprise... 

Secrets in the sand

On that beach, i held your hand
As we sat on the dusty sand,
I found a pebble for you to sleep with at night. 

We used to jump in that cold south sea,
I sat perfectly on your knee,
Im so grateful for what you did for me.

Its so peaceful here tonight, 
As I'm sat by your side 
I know its always where i want to be

Woah oh, here we go again
Woah oh we're far from where we began
Woah oh never alone again
Oh oh, like secrets in the sand.

You married 2004,
The best person i could've asked for,
Its great to have you both by my side.

Bake cakes, and go on long walks,
Its your love that keeps me safe I'm sure,
Its like medicine and when I'm ill, I'm cured.



(Solo interval)

(repeat bridge and chorus again)

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